April 23rd, 1833


Dear Brother,


Since writing to you last I have learned that the ship will not leave the docks until Saturday night and that she sails from Blackwall on Sunday morning for Gravesend, from which place she puts out to sea on the 1st of May; so that if you particularly wish to be at market on Saturday, you can, and yet be in time, coming up by one of the evening coaches.


As we purpose leaving Gloucester Street (to us unfortunate G.St.) tomorrow, think you had better enquire for us at Mr. Reilly’s, most likely we shall be at No. 5 Lime Street Passage, Leadenhall Market, or in our new cub house on board.


I am sorry to say that my health is at present in a very poor state, suffering a slight attach of this all prevalent disorder, the influenza.  I was taken on Sunday night while at Chapel, since then I have scarcely been able to keep out of bed.  I feel it a great mercy that I am not worse.


If you can make it convenient to come up at the time first proposed, and spend a few days with us, and attend the Auxiliary meetings, we should be very glad as we should not only enjoy your society; but have the advantage of your services.


With love to all,


I remain,


Your affectionate brother,


A. Biggs