of Bedfordshire

JOHN BARRATT  circa 1560 - 1644
The surname Barratt derives from someone connected with traffic, commerce or dealing, so possibly one of our ancestors was a tradesman when surnames became hereditary in the 13th or 14th centuries.  the name appears in many variations of spelling, sometimes with one or two 'R's or 'T's, with the second vowel as 'A' or 'E' or with an 'E' added at the end.

Our line is found in Bedfordshire from 1600 to 1772 in the parishes of Cranfield, Maulden, Pavenham and Kempston. 

John Barratt was born about 1560 in the time of Elizabeth the First, but no record has been found of his baptism or marriages or the baptisms of his elder children.  Most of the information on him comes from his Will.

His eldest surviving son was John Barratt, born about 1588.  He is specifically mentioned as being the eldest son in the Will.  the other children mentioned in the Will do not appear to be in their correct chronological order so their dates of birth are speculative, based on the dates of their marriages and the know baptismal dates of the two youngest children.  After John, born circa 1588, come George circa 1590, Richard circa 1592, Edward circa 1594, Robert circa 1596, Susan circa 1598.   Then Jonas baptised on 12th of October 1600 and Henry baptised on 15th of January 1603/4.

The last two children were baptised at Cranfield.  The Parish Registers for Cranfield do not survive before 1600, so the family may have been living there for some time and the other children baptised there.  The mother's name is not given in the register, so it is not certain that Margaret, who was John's wife in 1620 is the mother of theset wo children or of the other earlier children.  As none of the children called any of their daughters by the name Margaret, it appears unlikely.

The name of Cranfield means the "field of Cranes".  The village is on the edge of Bedfordshire against the Buckinghamshire border.  It is a large village straggling along the road with Salford through Gossards Green to Astwood.