of Essex, Hampshire and Sussex

John Brunwin abt 1740 - 1812 William Brunwin 1760 - 1854
At this point in time the  Brunwin's start around the mid 1700's in Essex England. The linage start in a town called Tolleshunt Knights with John Brunwin.

Pigot's Essex 1832-3 Trade Directory


TOLLESHUNT DARCY, TOLLESHUNT KNIGHTS and TOLLESHUNT MAJOR are villages and parishes, in Thurstable hundred. The first-named village is situated between Maldon and Colchester, seven miles from the former and ten from the latter town : this parish is more extensive than populous, being five-miles in length and three in breadth. TOLLESHUNT KNIGHTS parish adjoins to it, and is of much less extent. Each parish has its church, but neither possessing any peculiarity to engage notice.

By the official returns for the year 1831, the population of the parishes was respectively - TOLLESHUNT DARCY, 690; TOLLESHUNT KNIGHTS, 376; and TOLLESHUNT MAJOR (or Beckingham) 428 inhabitants.

POST OFFICE, TOLLESHUNT DARCY, Isaac Harvery, Post Master. - Letters from MALDON arrive (by foot-post) every forenoon (Mondays excepted) at eleven, and are despatched every afternoon at four.

John was born circa 1740 in Tolleshunt Knights, Essex. He married Susannah some time around 1760 in Tolleshunt Knights.Aound 1763 their first child was born William.
Around 1768 their second child a daughter Susannah was born and then in 1772 a second daughter Amy was born.