of Bedfordshire 

WILLIAM GREEN 1580 - 1625  
William Green was born about 1580 in the time of Elizabeth the First.  He was a weaver and lived at Husbourne Crawley in Bedfordshire.  Where he originally came from or where & when he married is not known.  At the time of his death his wife's name was Margaret and she is probably the mother of his children but the Parish Register does not give the mother's name.
No record has been found of his eldest daughter Marie.  The first record is in the Parish Registers of Husborne Crawley on the 11th of February, 1609/10 when Alice, the daughter of William Green, was baptised.  Five more children were baptised there, Richard on the 16th of May 1612, Mark on the 25th of April 1615, Ann on the 30th of July 1617, Elizabeth on the 2nd of January 1619/20 and the last child, Thomas, on  the 6th of February 1621/22.

Husborne Crawley

 All these children were still alive on  the 6th March 1624/5 when William Green, weaver of Husborne Crawley, made his Will.  He was at that time very sick and on his deathbed . Too ill to even sign his name so that he had to make a nuncupative Will, that is a verbal will which was taken down and then the testator would signify his agreement by nodding his head.  He was buried on the following day.  He left a wife and seven young children, the eldest of whom, Marie, would only have been about sixteen.  He left 3 each for his two eldest sons, Richard and Mark, so that they could be bound as apprentices and would have a trade.  To his two eldest daughters, Marie and Alice, he left 15/- each.  His house he left to his wife, Margaret, for her life and afterwards it was to go to his youngest son, Thomas, who was to give to his sisters, Ann and Elizabeth, 15/- each after he (Thomas) inherited the house.  If Thomas died before his mother, the house and grounds was to be divided between Richard and Mark. Two of the witnesses of the will were Solomon Green and Thomas Green and they were possibly William's brothers.

In 1630 Alice, then aged 20, had an illegitimate son, Thomas, who only lived 15 months. On 21st of October 1632, she married Richard Anthony.

There is a gap in the Parish Register from 1642-1652 when other events may have taken place.  On 12th of June 1660 Margaret Green, widow, was buried.