of Bedfordshire 

ELIZABETH GREEN.  1799-1899  
Elizabeth Green was born on 13th December, 1799 at Thurleigh in Bedfordshire and she spent nearly all her life here in this small village with undulating lanes and small thatched cottages.
She was the daughter of Richard Green, an agricultural labourer and his wife Mary nee Elderkin. She was baptised on 19th January, 1800 in the parish church. when Elizabeth was 12 her father died and her mother was left a widow with 7 children. It was not surprising that Mary Green,
widow married 3 years later a fellow villager John Osborn, a widower with several young children. The children of both families seem to have got on well with each other as they were witnesses at each other's weddings in later days.
Any time that Elizabeth spent away from Thurleigh must have been in her teens when in common with most girls of her class she would have lived and worked away from home.
A few days after her 21st birthday Elizabeth was married to John Kenworthy Biggs, an agricultural labourer. The wedding took place on Boxing Day, December 26th, 1820 at Thurleigh Parish Church. Her brother William was one of the witnesses.

Thurleigh, St. Peter's

 Elizabeth & John settled down in Thurleigh where they had a large family of eleven children of whom three died in infancy. Fanny baptised 30th September, 1821, William baptised 19th
October, 1823, Susanna baptised 2nd July, 1825, Mary Ann baptised 7th November, 1830 and buried on 12th November, only 8 days old.
Thomas baptised 30th October, 1831, John baptised 8th July, 1832, Jesse baptised 28th June, 1835, Samuel baptised 6th November, 1836.
Priscilla was born on 6th July, 1838 and Jonathan on 9th November, 1839, but they both died the following year, Priscilla of Measles on 17th January, 1840 and Jonathan on 12th October of Convulsions.
Their last child, a daughter was born on 4th February, 1841. She was registered by her father on 11th February as Abigail but baptised on 20th April as Caroline Ann. She appears to have gone
by the name of Caroline. June 6th, 1841 was the night of the Census Elizabeth and her husband John are shown to be living at Cross End, Thurleigh,
with them are five of their children, Thomas 13, John 9, Jesse 7, Samuel 4 and the baby Caroline 4 months. Fanny 20, William 18, and Susanna 16 have already left home. No other members of the
Biggs family live in Thurleigh as this is not John's home village, but Elizabeth has several members of her family living near. Her widowed mother Mary Osborn and one of Mary's grandson's Edward
live at Park End and her brothers and their families live near.
The 1851 Census was taken on the night of March 30th and they are still living at Cross End. Elizabeth's occupation is shown as lace maker. Bedfordshire was well known for it's lace making and many wives helped to supplement the family income in this way.
Also at home that night are her son John, an agricultural labourer and daughter Caroline, scholar.