of Bedfordshire &Yorkshire

On 3rd February, 1809 Susannah's father John Kenworthy died at the age of 82. In his Will he left her the Interest on a sum of 25 until her youngest child reached the age of 21.
This would not be until 1823 when Jonathan would be 21.
During the time Susannah was living in Felmersham, the sexton and later Parish Clerk Edward Arpin kept a diary. In this he
detailed the weather, price of food and village gossip. In 1814, he recorded snow fell on January 6th and lay until 3rd April, Onions were 4p each, there were 38 houses and there were 10 old maids and 11 widows. In February, 1815, the village must have been agog at the news that Robert Smith had "ravished" Ann Baker.

 In 1816 the harvest was later than it had ever been known. Harvest home was on November 8th. The price of bread had risen during the year from 2sl0d to 4s 7d a peck loaf. In 1818 on
20th May, a start was made on building the new bridge at Felmersham and this was finished on 14th November. The cost of building the bridge had been raised by public subscription.
The following year on 24th February part of the 1st and last Arch fell down. Repairs were not finished until 8th July, 1820.
Susannah died at the age of 56 and was buried at Felmersham on 12 November, 1820.