of Edinburgh, Glasgow & Home Counties
Motto: "Touch not the cat bot a glove"
War Cry: "Loch Moigh" (Lake of Plain)

Alexander McIntosh Circa 1800 - about 1860  
Little information is known about Alexander McIntosh but he is believed to have been born around the late 1700's to early 1800's in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Sometime around 1810 he met his wife, Mary McDonald, who is believed to have been of similar age.  It is most likely that they had several children but at the present time we are aware only of Alexander who was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1837.  From records that we have located to date, we know that Alexander and Mary died before 1862.

North Rose Street, Edinburgh

Around 1860 Alexander and Mary lived at 106 Rose  Street, Edinburgh.  We do not have a record of a trade for Alexander but it is possible that he was in the Goods trade.  It was here that Alexander (son) and Elizabeth Wilson met, as Elizabeth lived at number 158 Rose Street.


Edinburgh Castle sits on top of what was, at one time, a volcano - a 437 feet high plug of basalt rock. It has been used as a fortification for over 2,000 years - there was a hill fort there in the time of the Romans.