of Edinburgh, Glasgow & Home Counties
Motto: "Touch not the cat bot a glove"
War Cry: "Loch Moigh" (Lake of Plain)

Alexander McIntosh 1837 - about 1887 Alexander McIntosh 1837 - about 1887
Alexander McIntosh was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1837.  Alexander did not have his father or mother for long in life, for when he was married at the age of 25 both had already passed away.  On the 18th of July 1862 Alexander married Elizabeth Wilson at 129 Rose Street, Edinburgh at the Free Church of Scotland.  
Elizabeth was daughter of David Wilson and Ann Gardner and was likely the youngest of several children as Elizabeth was only 19 when she married.  Only Elizabeth's father was at their wedding as her mother had already passed away.  He had witnessed the marriage certificate on that day.  It must have been quite a wedding dress as it would seem that Elizabeth was 6 months pregnant at the time.

Alexander and Elizabeth had probably known each other for some time as both lived on Rose Street, not too far apart; he at 106 Rose Street as  a Butcher and Elizabeth at 158 Rose Street.  Elizabeth helped out her Father in the store as a Dairyman's helper.

On the 28th of September 1862 Annie Gardner McIntosh was born.  Two years later, on August 1st 1842, Alexander was born.  Three years after that they had their second  son, David McIntosh, born August 1st 1867.  Sadly this was to be Elizabeth's last child, as sometime between 1867 and 1870 she passed away leaving Alexander a widower with three very young children.


On the 11th of May 1871, at the age 33, Alexander married for the second time to Catherine Dalziel.  Alexander and Catherine were married at 3 Roxburgh Street, Edinburgh at the United Presbyterian Church in the Newington area.

Catherine, a shopkeeper (perhaps at his butcher shop), was the spinster daughter of William Dalziel, a Music Engraver, and Catherine McInroy.  At this time they lived at 31 North Bridge street, Edinburgh.  Only Catherine's mother attended the wedding as her father had already passed away.

In 1871 Alexander lived at 48 Grove Street and, in a few years, at 73 Grove Street in the St Cuthberts area of Edinburgh.  During this time two children were born to Alexander and Catherine.   On the 31st of December James McIntosh was born.  Two years later Alexander was born on the 30 December 1874.

In the 1881 census the family are living in Edinburgh at 73 Grove Street.  Alexander, aged 44, is listed as a butcher.  Catherine, also aged 44, as a Milliner.  David, aged 14, is listed as a Butcher's Messenger, and James, aged 8, was at school with Alexander, aged 6.  By 1891 Catherine, aged 52, was a Mantle saleswoman,  living at 268 Morrison Street, Edinburgh with her sons, James (18), an apprentice clothier; and Alexander (16), an apprentice as well.  David, aged 24  by this time, has left home and joined the forces and his father, Alexander, has passed away.